Gov. Little — Sign the Pledge to Support Fuel Efficiency!

A growing number of bipartisan governors — representing over half the U.S. population — are urging Trump to stop his rollback of fuel economy standards. The standards were put in place by President Barack Obama to reduce global warming gases. The standards also benefit communities by cutting fuel costs and improving air quality.

Fuel efficient vehicles protect the health of Idahoans and save money. Tell Gov. Little you support fuel efficient vehicles and he should too!

Efficient Vehicles Key to Fighting Climate Change, Protecting Health

Zero-emissions electric vehicles are growing in popularity, but it will take years for them to become the majority. Meanwhile, using less fossil fuel through more efficient vehicles is the simplest and best way to combat climate change. The math is simple: more efficient vehicles burn less fuel, cost less money and decrease air pollution.

More pollution means a greater risk of short- and long-term health problems. Not only is this harmful to everyone, but poor air quality places greater stress on Idaho doctors and nurses who must treat more people struggling with health issues from air pollution.

Fuel Efficiency Means Money Saved

Oil companies will benefit from worse fuel economy standards, not Idahoans. Idaho spends nearly $3 billion a year on transportation fuels, and the average U.S. household spends nearly one-fifth of its budget on transportation. Idahoans shouldn’t have to pay more for fuel that leads to worse air quality.

Save Money, Protect Health, Fight Climate Change

Idaho is already experiencing the impacts of climate change with warmer temps, variable rain and snow, increased wildfires, and toxic algae outbreaks. Supporting fuel efficient vehicles won’t stop these threats by itself, but it’s a step in the right direction.

The benefits of fuel-efficient vehicles are clear – more savings, less pollution, and an effective means to fight climate change. Take a moment to call on Gov. Little to join many of his fellow governors in supporting better fuel efficiency for all Americans.