"I just like to make beautiful images," Linda explained to the ICL staff gathered around the table. We were in the North Idaho office-Brad, Matt, Emily and I-meeting with Linda Lantzy, ICL’s 2017 artist in residence, to talk about what our year together could bring.

The ICL artist in residence program, which began in 2013, explores the nexus of art and nature. Every year, we bring attention to Idaho’s beauty and conservation needs through the eyes of an artist, thanks to the generous support of our sponsor, ARTA River Trips.

Linda certainly does make beautiful images-we’ve created a slideshow of some of her artwork for you on our artist in residence webpage. Linda is a professional landscape photographer based in Coeur d’Alene, and her images are used not just as fine art but also in books, magazines, websites and more-including on ICL’s own website. Intrepid and adventurous, Linda travels the state extensively to take pictures in remote places. Just this past week, she was in Central and South Idaho, beginning her residency work.

We appreciate Linda’s images for their beauty and also for the way they complement ICL’s conservation work. One of the many reasons we chose Linda as our artist in residence this year is that her images stir the soul-we felt that her compelling work could inspire Idahoans to step up and take action on behalf of Idaho during these uncertain times.

Linda is thrilled to explore Idaho’s priceless public lands during her residency, and she has launched a Facebook group for ICL to celebrate those public lands in images. The group, called "Gems of Idaho-Our Public Lands," has already gathered more than 150 members-including amateur and professional photographers along with interested Idahoans-and is adding more daily. We’d love to see your images of your favorite Idaho public lands too! Just ask to join so that you can share your images.

We have more ideas for the coming year and will be finding additional ways for you to enjoy Linda’s work. Stay tuned!

For now, you can see Linda’s professional work online  and on Facebook.