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North Fork Owyhee Wilderness
13 miles
Evan Worthington
Tuesday May 15, 2018 - Thursday May 17, 2018
8:00am to 12:00pm
North Fork Owyhee Wilderness

Boise — Owyhee Wilderness Stewardship Project

Looking for an exciting volunteer opportunity? Become a wilderness steward in the Owyhees! Our next project is coming right up and we need your help!

This project is a three-day commitment. The group will set up a base camp at one end of the North Fork Owyhee Wilderness and go on day trips along the Burghardt Allotment in that wilderness. This project is important because it will ensure the fence keeping livestock out of this area is in good working condition. Stewards will hike portions along the 13-mile perimeter, take photos and record GPS coordinates of any fence sections needing maintenance, as well as make field repairs if they can be done quickly and efficiently.

You will need gloves, boots, long-sleeve shirts, pants, and hat, along with car-camping supplies and food.

To RSVP or for questions, contact Evan Worthington, BLM Owyhee backcountry ranger.