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Payette Brewing, 733 S Pioneer St, in Boise
Wednesday January 3, 2018
6:00pm to 8:30pm
Payette Brewing, 733 S Pioneer St, in Boise

World’s Largest Open-pit Moly Mine—Near You?

Just recently the American CuMo Mining Corporation reared its head again and announced that it would move forward with proposals to build an open-pit molybdenum mine at the headwaters of the Boise River in the Boise National Forest.

The Canadian mining company hopes that this area will one day become the “world’s largest open-pit accessible” molybdenum mine. This endeavor threatens the Boise River watershed, drinking water for our communities, irrigation for local farms and recreation for our families.

Join us to share your concerns, find out how mining projects affect local communities and learn how to make your voice heard. We need to speak up as a community to protect our Boise River watershed.

Presented by Idaho Conservation League, Idaho Rivers United, Golden Eagle Audubon and Idaho Chapter of Sierra Club.