Actions & Issues

Idaho is an extraordinary place to live, work and play. What do you love about life in Idaho? Is it the sparkling waters of our crystalline rivers? The clean air you breathe? The wildlife that abound? Or the solitude and freedom of our scenic landscape?

Defenders of the Land, Air & Water

The Idaho Conservation League works for all these things. We are Idaho’s leading voice for conservation—for the clean water, clean air and special places that make Idaho’s exceptional quality of life possible. And we are a community of people who share these values.

Our work includes protecting our wilderness and public lands. We monitor mining, logging, motorized recreation management and wildlife management to ensure our resources are managed responsibly.

We encourage people to get outside and enjoy wild Idaho. When people experience these incredible resources, they quickly become motivated to work with us to protect them for future generations. We love our members and volunteers!

We also work to protect resources and values closer to home. We want to be sure Idaho has clean air and water. ICL serves Idaho’s communities by ensuring that local, state and federal policies protect and enhance the health of our environment and our families. This work includes everything from promoting local and healthy food, to advocating for energy efficiency and conservation at the state and federal level, and providing a voice for conservation at the Idaho Statehouse.

We do a lot to protect the things that matter to Idahoans. Get to know ICL and learn more about how you can protect Idaho’s wild places and clean environment.

What You Can Do

Become a member today and protect the Idaho you love!