Energy Efficiency

It’s good for us, it’s good for our environment.

We use energy in a variety of ways every day. Energy consumption can pollute our environment through extracting and burning fossil fuels. Even clean energy sources can impact wildlife habitat. Consuming energy also costs money, regardless of the source.

For all these reasons, ICL’s climate and energy program prioritizes energy conservation. Saving energy is the fastest, cheapest and easiest means to reduce climate pollution and protect landscapes, all while saving money.

Idaho Can Eliminate Wasted Energy

Idaho has a substantial opportunity to conserve energy by eliminating waste. Modern LED light bulbs provide the same light as old incandescent bulbs, yet they use only 10% of the energy. Eliminating drafts and ensuring adequate insulation can reduce energy use in your home by 20% or more while increasing your comfort. Idaho businesses are seeing the sense (cents?) in saving energy—Simplot, for example, now makes french fries with 30% less energy than before. By expanding common practices, Idahoans can save enough energy to avoid the need for any future power plants while reducing air pollution today.

How ICL Encourages Idaho to Conserve Energy at Home and Work

  • ICL advocates for utilities to expand energy conservation programs and incentives for all customer types
  • ICL asks cities to adopt strong energy conservation codes for homes and buildings
  • ICL engages with state regulators to require utilities to prioritize energy conservation programs before energy generation projects.

What You Can Do

In Your Home or at Your Work

Heating and cooling is the largest home energy use. Small efforts to seal air leaks and adjust thermostats eliminate waste and add up to big savings. Conserve energy in your home by

Lighting is the second largest energy use at home and work. Modern LED bulbs come in a pleasing “warm white” color, last for years and use a fraction of the energy to produce light. Conserve energy with your lighting by

  • Installing LED light bulbs—Prioritize high use areas first. ICL helped establish incentives and programs to reduce the cost of LED bulbs in stores. Take advantage of these programs by buying a few bulbs today.

Current Idaho Energy Efficiency Programs and Incentives

You can deduct from your state income taxes the costs of efficiency measures installed in homes built before 2002.

Utilities offer incentives for a wide variety of energy uses:

Idaho Office of Energy and Mineral Resources offers low interest loans for conservation projects.