Energy Efficiency

It’s Good For Us, It’s Good for Our Environment

To avoid rising energy bills, protect our natural resources and promote economic development, we in Idaho must use our existing energy resources wisely.

All types of energy cause impacts. Some are worse than others, for instance, the majority of our energy that comes from coal and gas. The more energy we use, the more pollution we cause in our air by burning fossil fuels, and to our land by mining coal and gas. Using less energy is the first step to protecting Idaho’s air, water, landscapes, and wildlife.

The Idaho Conservation League takes a three-pronged approach to energy efficiency.

We work with:

  • The Idaho Legislature, financial institutions, and others to improve access to financing for home efficiency investments
  • Utilities to create rebate and incentive programs for all customers—for things like energy-efficient appliances, cash payments for cycling air conditioners, energy-efficient business practices or equipment
  • The Idaho Public Utilities Commission to keep electric rates low yet encourage investments in efficiency

ICL focuses on using energy efficiently by cutting out the waste. 30% or more of the energy used in our homes and businesses is wasted by leaking windows, outdated equipment or old lightbulbs. Programs that cut out this waste also cut power consumption, which in turn prevents pollution. By cutting out waste you can save money while protecting Idaho’s environment.

Using energy wisely will cut your power bill, protect Idaho’s air quality and stimulate our economy. With efficiency, everyone wins!