Geothermal Energy

An Crucial Part of Our Clean Energy Future

If you’ve lounged in an Idaho hot spring, you’ve appreciated our geothermal resources firsthand. Hot water holds energy, and ICL is working to inject hot water into our clean energy future.

Idaho has some of the best geothermal potential in the country. Whether it’s used to heat buildings like the state capitol in Boise as part of the nation’s oldest heating district or for full-size power plants in Southern Idaho, we have a vast source of clean energy at our feet.

ICL Is Bringing Geothermal to the Forefront

  • ICL updated and strengthened the geothermal leasing rules for state lands development with the Idaho Department of Lands.
  • We are exploring ways to promote Boise’s district heating system. We already connected ICL’s headquarters to the system.
  • We encourage Idaho utilities to pursue new geothermal resources before other options.

ICL Ensures Protection for Other Values

The location of a drilling well can cause land impacts. So ICL works to ensure developers have a reasonable plan and that Idaho’s agencies apply appropriate sideboards. The treatment of water after pulling out of the ground to make power is critical. ICL is pleased that the state will require geothermal power plants to re-inject the water into the same aquifer after use. This practice keeps surface waters from being contaminated by heavy metals from deep underground, prevents geothermal waters from overheating fish-bearing streams and recharges the aquifer.