Solar Energy

Harnessing Clean Energy Without Hurting Habitat

Solar power makes a lot of sense for Idaho. During hot summer afternoons, Idaho’s energy demands peak along with solar output. Instead of burning more fossil fuel to meet peak needs, we can capture the sun’s rays. Every watt of clean energy means less dirty fossil fuel polluting Idaho’s air.

Investing in solar can grow Idaho’s economy and protect our air quality. Unlike out-of-state fossil fuel, solar power is produced right here in Idaho and puts electricians, home builders, and other local companies to work.

Of course, some solar projects are better than others. By placing solar on rooftops, we can harness this energy without harming wildlife habitat. Idaho has thousands of roofs to produce huge amounts of solar energy.

ICL works at the table with the state regulators, the Public Utilities Commission, to establish policies and programs that enable individuals to invest in solar. We believe each Idahoan deserves the choice to provide their own energy needs and contribute clean energy to Idaho.

  • Net Metering: In this program your electrical bill consists of the difference between what you provide with your panels and what you take from the utility—your “net” energy. The money you save on your utility bill helps repay for the panels. ICL supports utilities paying customers a fair price for the valuable product they deliver—clean energy at peak demand.
  • PURPA: This federal law requires a utility to purchase the output from independent clean energy systems. ICL supports long-term contracts that provide a fair price for solar power.
  • Simple permits and connections: A big cost of going solar is getting a building permit and connecting to the electric system. ICL supports streamlined permitting and interconnection standards.