Transmission Lines

Balancing Clean Energy, Healthy Habitats, and Natural Beauty

Transmission lines crisscross Idaho, connecting customers with dams in the Snake River, coal plants in Wyoming and other energy sources across the West. After decades of relative calm, Idaho sits in the crosshairs of a multi-billion dollar expansion of these lines to connect vast sources of clean energy in eastern Wyoming with power-hungry customers in Idaho and elsewhere.

Along the way lies a mix of private lands, public lands, conservation areas, wildlife habitat and iconic landscapes. ICL is joining with others to help navigate these competing interests so we can connect to a clean energy future while protecting Idaho’s unique natural values.

Boardman to Hemingway

This line crosses a small portion of Idaho while connecting Hemingway Substation, near Murphy Idaho, with Boardman, Oregon. Like most other development proposals, ICL will review the route to ensure it avoids wildlife habitat and iconic landscapes. Then whatever impacts remain, ICL will ensure developers must adhere to effective and enforceable mitigation measures.

Gateway West

This line will cross the rest of Idaho from Hemingway deep into Wyoming. The Gateway project will tap the vast wind resources of eastern Wyoming and Montana. In Idaho, the plan is to build two parallel lines from roughly Interstate 15 to Hemingway, including going either through or around the Birds of Prey National Conservation Area.

Between Mountain Home and Kuna, the Birds of Prey NCA covers nearly 500,000 acres of raptor habitat, the scenic Snake River, along with military training grounds, existing power lines, and continued farming and ranching operations. Private lands surround the area. Beyond these to the south lies critical sage grouse habitat along the Owyhee front.

ICL is working with the BLM, power companies, and conservation allies to find ways to thread this landscape needle while also protecting and enhancing the Birds of Prey NCA.