Idaho State Legislature

A Voice for Conservation at the Statehouse

The 2019 Idaho Legislature session will begin Monday, January 7.

ICL is your voice for conservation in the Statehouse. ICL was founded in 1973—more than forty years ago—as the voice for conservation in the Idaho Statehouse, and for more than forty years we’ve covered a range of environmental issues that matter to you and families across the state.

Our government relations director, Jonathan Oppenheimer, is there to represent you on conservation issues like clean air, clean water and wildlife. Jonathan tracks bills, resolutions and budgets, and regularly testifies before committees in the statehouse.

You can check out the bills we have worked on by using our legislative bill tracking.

Jonathan’s weekly legislative updates from the Statehouse will be posted on our blog and emailed to those who sign up for ICL emails. You can sign up to receive emails from ICL using the box at the top of our website.