Off-Road Vehicles


The number of off-road vehicles has increased rapidly in recent years as Idaho’s population has grown and more people spend time recreating in our forests and deserts.

Irresponsible use of these vehicles is not only the top threat to fish, wildlife and wilderness, but it also robs Idahoans and other of the opportunity to experience the natural sights and sounds of Idaho’s wild places. Former Chief of the Forest Service, Dale Bosworth, called “unmanaged recreation” one of the top four threats to the nation’s forests and grasslands.

If unmanaged recreation is a top threat, then how should recreation be managed?

  • We need to provide opportunities for people to hike, backpack, camp or otherwise enjoy Idaho’s forests and deserts without the noise and traffic of everyday life.
  • All forms of recreation should be managed sustainably so that clean water and fish and wildlife habitat is protected.
  • Everyone has the right to enjoy Idaho’s forests and deserts, but no one has the right to abuse them.