Open Space and Pathways

Our communities benefit from open spaces and natural areas.

Hot Topic: Updating the Roadways to Bikeways Master Plan

The Ada County Highway District is updating their Roadways to Bikeways Master Plan. The plan was created in 2009, and these updates seek to incorporate improvements in policies, planning and engineering related to bike lane infrastructure. So what’s this mean for residents? Better, safer and more efficient bike routes across Ada County!

Boise frequently makes “top lists” of bike-friendly cities. But Ada County’s updates aren’t just for diehard cyclists. The proposed updates will make cycling a more appealing option for people with all types of skillsets, from total beginners to lycra-clad roadies. Be sure to check out the updated plan to find the bike lane closest to where you live, work and play!

You can have a say in the updating—show up for bikeways!

Why Open Space and Pathways?

Our communities benefit from open spaces and natural areas where we can play with our families, bike and walk along lakes or rivers, and enjoy the outdoors. Not only is this a part of what makes Idaho’s communities wonderful places to live, work and raise a family, open spaces and trail systems contribute to our physical health and wellbeing. Well-planned open spaces in cities also contribute to environmental and economic solutions by providing solutions to issues like storm water runoff and air pollution.

As Idaho’s population and urban centers grow, ICL will continue to work with city and land managers, collaborate with other organizations and keep you informed. We’ll work to make sure Idaho communities have ample opportunity for recreation, connectivity with trails and neighborhoods, and simple enjoyment of wide open vistas. We work with agencies, counties and cities on planning efforts for open space and pathways so that balanced solutions can provide for generations to come.

Here’s what we’re working on now:

What Can You Do?

Get Outdoors

There are many opportunities to get out and enjoy Idaho’s open space and pathways. We have ideas and inspiration for how you can plan your own adventure across the state. Additionally, we often lead trips and hikes on community trail systems and offer opportunities for trail work and monitoring through our Adopt-a-Trail program and our wilderness stewardship program.

Get Involved

We all share the responsibility of staying well-informed and getting involved with local planning processes. By providing better information to cities, counties and federal agencies, we can work as a community to share common values and vision. Sign up for our emails—use the form in the upper right corner of the page—and we’ll let you know when and how you can comment and give feedback on local planning processes for open space and pathways in your own local community.

We’re Working for You

ICL is working for you! Check out some of ICL’s great accomplishments: