Open Space

Wild Idaho in Your Backyard

The Idaho Conservation League understands that protecting special places close to home pays dividends in our communities. Idaho is known for outdoor access. Businesses and families come to this state to enjoy the natural amenities. Like you, we know these amenities make Idaho such a unique and fabulous place to live, work and raise a family.

Idaho’s open spaces and natural areas are part of our community identity. Whether it is trails on our local natural areas, or biking and walking paths along lakes, creeks or rivers, we love our outdoor amenities. These amenities foster healthy families, and they promote clean water and preserve local wildlife habitat. We have an extraordinary quality of life in Idaho.

The Idaho Conservation League helps communities to improve and increase outdoor legacies across the state.  Because we live here, too, and we know how important it is to preserve an outdoor heritage for Idaho’s future generations.

Open Space and Natural Areas in Idaho Communities