Boise Open Space and Clean Water

The city of Boise is fortunate enough to define its character by the classic backdrop of glowing foothills, showcasing the incredible open space and access to recreational assets that beg you to come play.

Boise is also fortunate to have a clean and healthy river, with its accompanying trails and wildlife, flowing right through the center of town.

ICL was working to preserve open space for this community well before the city rallied to the top of many ‘top 10’ places to live, work and raise a family. We realize how important our open space and clean water is to the sustainable health of our community. The environmental, social and economic benefits are interconnected—and we stand up at every opportunity to make sure this quality of life that we all appreciate remains protected and preserved.

ICL was there when the 2001 Foothills Levy was passed with 59% approval, and we were there when the 2015 Levy for Clean Water and Open Space passed with an astounding 74%. The levy was confirmed in 2017 with 83% approval. We are committed to working with our city leaders, partners, members and supporters to ensure Boise’s clean water, clean air and open spaces for recreation and wildlife remain for generations to come.