Everyone deserves to breathe clean, healthy air.

Hot Topic: Idaho to Receive $17.3 Million from VW Settlement

You may recall that Volkswagen was caught selling diesel cars that cheated on vehicle emission tests by purposely reporting inaccurate nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. As part of the settlement agreement VW must pay into an environmental trust fund, from which the state of Idaho has the opportunity to receive $17.3 million. The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality will manage the money, but YOU can help them decide on the best way to spend the money.

ICL, in partnership with the Sierra Club and Conservation Voters for Idaho, wants to see that money spent on electrifying our roadways. According to the terms of the settlement, 15% of the money can be spent on infrastructure while the remaining 85% can be spent on vehicle retrofits. Electrification will provide the greatest reduction in pollution per dollar spent. That’s why we want to see the 15% spent on charging stations throughout Idaho, with the remaining 85% going to the purchase of electric school buses. Let the DEQ know that you support electrifying Idaho’s roadways by submitting comments today!

Protecting the Air You Breathe

Everyone deserves to breathe clean, healthy air, which is why clean air is at the heart of a lot of ICL’s work. It’s part of the reason we serve on eight different forest collaborative groups to build healthy, resilient forests better suited to handle wildfires and climate change. It drives our ambition to make Idaho a leader in renewable energy. And it’s the reason we strive to protect public health—by working to reduce air pollution from industrial activity and tracking any new laws or regulations that impact the air you breathe.

Idaho is known for our clean air, but it will only stay clean if we continue to protect it. Everyone can make choices that will improve the air around them—from choosing different transportation options to doing our part to prevent forest fires. If you’d like to learn more about what you can do right now to improve air quality, check out our most current work on air issues in Idaho:


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