Everyone deserves to breathe clean, healthy air.

Hot Topic: Reducing Pollution from Transportation

We all make choices every day about how we get around town or travel to far-off destinations. We typically consider things like time, cost or traffic. There’s another factor that we should be considering — air quality. Emissions from transportation include pollutants such as volatile organic compounds, nitrous oxides, particulate matter and ozone. Transportation is also one of the leading contributors of greenhouse gases in Idaho.

As the weather warms, consider ditching the car and taking your bike instead. Not ready to take the biking plunge yet? Research the mass-transit options available to you where you live. If you have to drive, talk to your neighbors and try to set up a carpool network so your vehicle is packed with passengers. Each of these options not only protects our air quality, but can save you time and money — and help promote a healthy lifestyle through physical and social interaction.

Protecting the Air You Breathe

Everyone deserves to breathe clean, healthy air, which is why clean air is at the heart of a lot of ICL’s work. It’s part of the reason we serve on eight different forest collaborative groups to build healthy, resilient forests better suited to handle wildfires and climate change. It drives our ambition to make Idaho a leader in renewable energy. And it’s the reason we strive to protect public health—by working to reduce air pollution from industrial activity and tracking any new laws or regulations that impact the air you breathe.

Idaho is known for our clean air, but it will only stay clean if we continue to protect it. Everyone can make choices that will improve the air around them—from choosing different transportation options to doing our part to prevent forest fires. If you’d like to learn more about what you can do right now to improve air quality, check out our most current work on air issues in Idaho:


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