What’s Our Current Air Quality?

Find out what resources are available to keep you informed on air quality conditions.

Do you make it a habit to check air quality as part of planning your day? It only takes a few minutes and provides you with the peace of mind that you’ll be breathing clean, healthy air all day.

Here are our recommendations for where to easily find air quality data. Most of these sources report the Air Quality Index (AQI). The AQI analyzes all the pollutants in the air and provides a single value that lets you know how healthy the current air is.


The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality maintains the air quality monitors located throughout the state. Use their website to see real-time air quality data. You can also browse historic data to see what air quality conditions were in the past.


Want to check in on air quality while you’re out on the go? No problem! Download one of these apps so you can stay informed wherever you are.

Buy Your Own Monitor

Want to have air quality data collected from right outside your home? Purple Air makes relatively low-cost (~$250) monitors for your home. All you need is an electrical outlet and home wifi.