Get North Idaho Off Coal

Hydro One wants to buy our local utility, Avista.

We ask that, before it does so, it addresses a major community concern—the costs and risks we face due to Avista’s ownership in the Colstrip coal plant in Montana.

Colstrip is a financial liability to anyone who pays an Avista energy bill. The financial and environmental costs of Colstrip are rapidly increasing and the citizens of Idaho, Washington and the Northwest will no longer ignore it.

Coal is a dirty, outdated and increasingly expensive source of electricity. Plus, the Colstrip plant has degraded local drinking water and polluted the surrounding air; it is the single largest contributor to climate change in the western United States.

We, the citizens of Idaho and Washington, ask that, before joining our community by acquiring Avista, Hydro One agree to the following:

1. End ratepayer funding for the dirty and expensive Colstrip coal plant no later than 2025.

2. Join Puget Sound Energy by setting aside funding to transition workers into the renewable energy economy.

3. Set aside funds now to cover environmental cleanup costs from Avista’s share of coal ash pollution and groundwater contamination in Colstrip.