The PUC Should Support Net Metering

Unfair electric rates would punish Idaho’s ingenuity, damage an emerging economic force and lead to more pollution in our air and water.

Idaho Power provides the electric grid that distributes power for about 500,000 people in Boise and southern Idaho. Meanwhile, about 1,500 Idaho Power customers participate in the net metering program and  generate their own power for farms, homes and businesses with solar panels, windmills and other sources. Sometimes, those small producers generate enough energy to put surplus electricity back on the grid.

Idaho Power is asking the Idaho Public Utilities Commission for permission to bill these customers at a different rate than customers who don’t generate their own electricity. According to Idaho Power’s proposal, the company blames residential customers with solar panels for causing shortfalls in infrastructure revenue.

ICL’s Position

The Idaho Conservation League opposes Idaho Power’s proposal. We believe that unfair rates would punish Idaho’s ingenuity, damage an emerging economic force and lead to more pollution in our air and water.

You Can Take Action

Contact the Idaho PUC today and tell them to reject Idaho Power’s proposal. Be sure to copy and paste the case number (IPC-E-17-13) into the appropriate comment field and use any of the talking points below to inform your comments. The more you can personalize your comments and use your own words, the more effective and powerful your comments will be.

  • Position—The Public Utilities Commission should reject Idaho Power’s proposal to create a new rate class for customers with on-site generation and net metering.
  • Research—Idaho Power’s rate structure proposal should not be approved before Idaho Power and the PUC have thoroughly reviewed the benefits and costs of customer-generated renewable energy to the electric grid. Please require that Idaho Power evaluate the full benefits and costs before applying to change the rate structure.
  • Justification—Idaho Power’s proposal to create a new rate structure is premature. The PUC should not entertain such a proposal until Idaho Power can provide a detailed justification. The fact that the utility is not requesting pricing changes at this time does not alleviate this situation.
  • Effects to Renewable Energy—Idaho Power’s proposal lays the groundwork for future rate proposals that could reduce the affordability and adoption of solar and other renewable energy. The PUC should reject Idaho Power’s proposal because the utility’s customers would lose out on the benefits that customer-generated renewable energy provides such as “grid resilience.”

Thank you for speaking up for clean, renewable energy in Idaho!