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Hot Topic: New Wild and Scenic River Opportunities!

The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act turns 50 next year and there could be no better way to celebrate than to use the act to designate new rivers for protection. Idaho boasts 4 of the only 12 wild and scenic rivers originally protected in 1968—a true testament to our status as the river state. And while Idaho rivers have gained hundreds of additional protected miles since then, less than 1% of our river miles are designated as wild and scenic today.

While it literally takes an act of Congress to ultimately designate a wild and scenic river, the process starts much closer to home. Idaho’s very own Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest and the Salmon-Challis National Forest are both currently seeking public feedback on rivers or even just sections of rivers within their boundaries that YOU think deserve wild and scenic protection. Let the NPCNF (comment form on tab 10) and the SCNF hear from you and be a part of the next wild and scenic river designation!

Idaho Water: Rivers, Lakes, Groundwater

Idaho is the river state for good reason. That’s why ICL has a robust water program. We work to make sure our rivers are flowing—which is a lot of work in a state with historic policies saying water left in rivers is waste. We also work to make sure our rivers are clean enough for people and fish to thrive. But that’s just our rivers! ICL also works to protect our groundwater, as that’s where the majority of Idahoans get their drinking water. To accomplish our goals, we use a variety of tools including—but not limited to—reviewing every Clean Water Act permit and every new water right application in Idaho. Did we mention that we have a robust water program?

More Ways ICL Protects Water

We are working hard to protect Idaho waters throughout the state.

ICL Successes

Read about how ICL set the bar for keeping mercury out of rivers and lakes, successfully advocated for wild and scenic rivers, and our many other accomplishments.

What You Can Do

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