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Hot Topic: Most Sewage Treatment Plants in Idaho Are Still Not Making the Grade

ICL has just released our second annual report on how well sewage treatment plants in Idaho operate. The news is not good.

Idaho has 114 municipal sewage treatment plants that discharge to local creeks and rivers. Over the last three years, they violated the Clean Water Act 1,742 times. Only 20 of the sewage treatment plants reviewed operated without violations during that time period. Seven of the top 10 violators in last year’s report remain in the top ten this year.

Idahoans feel very strongly about their right to clean water for drinking, fishing and swimming. Municipal wastewater treatment plants are really the front line for protecting water quality and human health. Yet just 17.5% of the sewage treatment plants reviewed for this report are operating without violating laws put in place to protect water quality.

Download our report to learn how YOUR community did. If you don’t like what you learn, let your local elected leaders know. And if you live in one of the 20 communities with a perfect record, let your local elected leaders know you appreciate their attention to keeping your rivers and lakes healthy.

Idaho Water: Rivers, Lakes, Groundwater

Idaho is the river state for good reason. That’s why ICL has a robust water program. We work to make sure our rivers are flowing—which is a lot of work in a state with historic policies saying water left in rivers is waste. We also work to make sure our rivers are clean enough for people and fish to thrive. But that’s just our rivers! ICL also works to protect our groundwater, as that’s where the majority of Idahoans get their drinking water. To accomplish our goals, we use a variety of tools including—but not limited to—reviewing every Clean Water Act permit and every new water right application in Idaho. Did we mention that we have a robust water program?

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