Keeping Water in the Rivers

Securing Idaho’s Vital Water Resources

Idaho’s snowpack is consistently less than it was even a couple of decades ago, and that means more than just decreased winter recreation opportunities. That’s where ICL comes in.

ICL recognizes that water is the lifeblood of Idaho.  Idaho is known for its robust fisheries, pristine mountain streams and world-class recreational opportunities—but in the face of a changing climate, Idaho’s water has never been less secure.

Climate change alters where and when water is available. Less snowpack in the winter means lower river flows and lake levels in the summer, and that translates to a hit on our economy, a threat to our water quality, and a loss of habitat for fish. And despite lessening snowpack and river flows, additional requests are put on Idaho’s waterways on a daily basis.

What Is ICL Doing About It?

  • By engaging in water right protests at the Idaho Department of Water Resources, ICL advocates for conservation in proposed water uses.
  • At meetings with everyone from municipalities to individual water right holders, ICL promotes efficient water uses on behalf of all Idahoans.
  • At every opportunity, ICL makes public comments demanding best practices in stream alteration projects and water diversions, and that water quality be prioritized.
  • Using the Endangered Species Act and other federal laws, ICL holds agencies accountable for protecting Idaho’s salmon, steelhead and bull trout habitat.
  • By advocating for more efficient water use, ICL is working to prevent Idaho from building costly and environmentally damaging new dams.

Why Our Water Work Matters

Day in and day out, we do what we do on behalf of Idaho’s waterways in order to:

  • Keep water in lakes and rivers
  • Protect vulnerable watersheds from inefficient and wasteful use
  • Improve water management to benefit the overall health of Idaho’s lakes and streams
  • Work toward recovery of Idaho’s endangered and threatened aquatic species
  • Maintain water quality in the face of development.

With climate change and a growing population, Idaho’s water will continue to feel stress—and that’s exactly why ICL makes safeguarding Idaho’s water a priority.