Protecting the Clark Fork Delta and Lake Pend Oreille

Fighting to Save One of Our Most Important Wetlands

The Clark Fork Delta and Lake Pend Oreille are two of Idaho’s most scenic and precious resources. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game identified the delta as one of the top ten most important wetlands in the state.

Unfortunately, these two resources are threatened by hydropower operations at Albeni Falls Dam. For example, each year 15 acres of the Clark Fork Delta are lost to erosion due to artificial lake level fluctuations.

In 2011, the Bonneville Power Administration approved a plan to fluctuate winter lake levels, which accelerates unnatural erosion.

ICL is challenging Bonneville’s decision in court, calling on the agency to fund a monitoring and mitigation program to restore the Clark Fork Delta and other affected resources. Without this funding, the Clark Fork Delta will only continue to fade away. We expect the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to hear oral arguments in 2014.

In addition to taking our concerns to court, we’re helping to get boots on the ground in an effort to restore the Clark Fork Delta. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is spearheading an ambitious project to restore vegetation, islands and habitat in the delta. ICL is one of several partners in this effort, and seeking volunteers to help with everything from monitoring small mammals to planting native plants.

Sign up today to volunteer to help with the restoration project.