Protecting Your Drinking Water

ICL Is Your Voice for Clean Drinking Water

Access to clean drinking water is vital to everyone’s health, and keeping our drinking water clean can be a challenge. Not everyone realizes that the choices they make impact the water we all drink. On top of that, existing laws and rules meant to protect our drinking water are not always as helpful as you might think.

For example, did you know that if your drinking water comes from a private groundwater well then you are not protected by laws such as the Safe Drinking Water Act? Although this adds an unfortunate challenge to our work, it doesn’t make it impossible.

The Idaho Conservation League constantly strives to protect your drinking water in a variety of ways. We actively participate in policy development to ensure the rules that protect our drinking water are based on the best science available at the time. We also weigh in on activities that could impact drinking water by providing input on regulatory decisions such as permitting. Lastly, if something is polluting Idaho’s drinking water, we work with those involved to make sure the pollution stops immediately.

Few things are more important than access to clean drinking water. That’s why we work hard day and night to protect drinking water for all Idahoans.

Recent ICL Actions to Protect Your Drinking Water

  • Closure of motor vehicle waste disposal wells all over the state
  • Reducing the amount of nutrients that enter Idaho’s groundwater due to animal waste
  • Ensuring proper permitting of facilities that apply treated wastewater to agricultural land
  • Pushing back on attempts by state agencies to use contaminated water to recharge our aquifers

What You Can Do

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