Mountain Caribou

America’s Most Endangered Mammal

Mountain caribou are the most endangered mammal in the country. At last count, only 14 caribou remain in the Selkirk Mountains between Sandpoint, ID, and Nelson, BC. We’re on the brink of losing this herd forever.

Protecting Caribou Habitat

In 2011, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed a measure to protect 375,000 acres of caribou habitat in Idaho and Washington—but then scaled back to a mere 30,000 acres in the final plan. ICL and a coalition of other conservation groups successfully challenged the decision in court. Now the Fish and Wildlife Service will have to take more public input on the plan. Stay tuned for opportunities to give your input.

Caribou Recovery Plan

Meanwhile, the Fish and Wildlife Service is also revising the caribou recovery plan. The current recovery plan dates back to 1994 and is sorely outdated. ICL is involved in a cooperative effort to revise the recovery plan.