The Elusive Wolverine

Climate Change and the Wolverine

Idaho has some of the most significant wolverine habitat in the lower 48. Wolverines need deep and persistent snowpack for denning and rearing their young. Models developed biologists show a wealth of wolverine habitat in Idaho, particularly in the central part of the state.

Unfortunately, the ability of the habitat to support a viable population of wolverine is declining as climate change decreases the extent, depth, and duration of the snowpack that they depend on to survive.

That’s why ICL and a coalition of other conservation groups petitioned the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to list wolverine under the Endangered Species Act.

Due to political pressure, the Service has twice declined to list wolverine. ICL joined other conservation groups in challenging these decisions in court. In the latest challenge, a federal judge ruled that the Fish and Wildlife Service must again reconsider its decision. As this saga continues to play out, ICL will continue to track the issue, remain engaged, and seek the protections that wolverines need to survive.

It is also worth noting that ICL is working to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and curtail the green house gases they emit. Combating climate change is key to maintaining wolverine populations.