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HB 12: Blocking non-profit donations – 2023

Summary: HB 12 would restrict the ability of state agencies to contribute to non-profits.

ICL's position: Oppose

Current Bill Status: House Committee

Issue Areas: Grants, Non-profits

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Rep. Jason Monks (R-Meridian) introduced House Bill 12 in an effort to target state agencies from supporting non-profit organization’s events or activities. The bill is in response to the dustup over the Boise PrideFest in 2022, which resulted in the Idaho Dept. of Health and Welfare, and other sponsors, withdrawing their sponsorship for the event.

Unfortunately, HB 12 has a number of unintended consequences, and could restrict sponsorship or in-kind donations to non-profits across the state.

For instance, Fish and Game regional offices across the state host meetings for local hunting and fishing clubs, and serve as community meeting places for other non-profits as well. Under HB 12, those functions would no longer be allowed unless non-profit organizations pay for use of the space. Similarly, state agencies often sponsor tables or advertising at non-profit events or in publications. Those donations would no longer be allowed.

Important note: the Idaho Conservation League does not receive any support or donations from state agencies, but many of our partners do.