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HB 154: Vehicle inspection programs – 2021

Summary: HB 154 would allow Canyon County to opt out of emissions testing, which has a track record of clearing our air.

ICL's position: Oppose

Current Bill Status: Dead

Issue Areas: Air quality, Clean Air, Emissions

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Rep. Ben Adams (R-Nampa) introduced a bill that would amend an existing statute in an attempt to allow counties to opt out of vehicle emissions inspection and maintenance programs.

The bill would allow a county to opt out of emissions testing if they have one year of “good” air, even though it takes three consecutive years of poor air quality to qualify for the testing program. So, since COVID-19 brought many cars and trucks to a screeching halt in 2020-2021, our air quality improved (as it did across the entire planet).

That’s no reason to let our guard down though, especially since a non-attainment designation in Canyon County could have significant impacts on all industrial facilities with Clean Air permits.

The Treasure Valley is the only airshed in the state that has these conditions and requires testing. Ada and Canyon counties share the same airshed, and pollution from cars represents a majority of emissions. Most of Ada County has had a vehicle emissions testing program in operation since 1984, which expanded in 2010 to Canyon County and Kuna.

The program has helped to ensure clean vehicles on the road. If this bill becomes law, there could be significant impacts to the air we breathe. What’s more, it could lead to harsher restrictions on businesses.