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HB 471: Confusing Licensing Requirements for Captive Animals—2020

Summary: HB 471 would remove the requirement to obtain a license for certain captive and household animals.

ICL's position: Review

Current Bill Status: Replaced by HB 527

Issue Areas: Fish and Wildlife

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House Bill 471 is a confusing bill introduced by Rep. Christy Zito (R-Hammett), which is apparently aimed at allowing the importation of cold-blooded reptiles, and specifically venomous snakes, into Idaho. The bill appears to be unnecessary though, because pet stores are already allowed to import virtually any species into Idaho for sale, including venomous snakes.

The bill also deletes the exemption for bringing in elk for elk farms, which may be a worthwhile proposal, but appears to be unrelated to the importation of snakes, and was reportedly included in error.

Based on the confusion and the apparent errors, the bill is being redrafted and may be reintroduced with corrections and changes.

Note: Due to drafting errors the bill has been replaced by HB 527.