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HB 50: Limiting tax districts (cyclist and pedestrian funding) – 2023

Summary: HB 50 would limit the ability to spend tax dollars on pedestrian and cyclist improvements on our roadways.

ICL's position: Oppose

Current Bill Status: Signed by Governor

Issue Areas: Transportation

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Rep. Joe Palmer (R-Meridian) introduced House Bill 50 which would require special taxing districts to spend money they receive from the sales tax distribution for the specific purpose for which the taxing district was created.

The bill is related to two other measures, HB 55 and HB 87, and together seek to prohibit the expenditure of gas tax and other transportation on improvements for pedestrian and cyclists. Instead funding could only go for the benefit of motor vehicles. As more commuters and residents seek livable communities, the legislature should not, once again, limit local control by tying the hands of highway districts and other transportation planners.