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HB 55: Restricting funds for bikes and pedestrians – 2023

Summary: HB 55 declares that all highway revenue user funds be used to 'primarily' benefit motor vehicles, thereby limiting local control.

ICL's position: Oppose

Current Bill Status: Dead - Replaced by HB 187

Issue Areas: Transportation

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Rep. Dustin Manwaring (R-Pocatello) introduced House Bill 55 which would establish policy limiting public transportation dollars to maintenance, construction, and development of bridges and highways that primarily benefit motor vehicles.

It’s related to two other measures HB 50 and HB 87, that together seek to prohibit the expenditure of certain transportation dollars from going to improvements for cyclists and pedestrians. In the first 5 weeks of 2023, four Ada County pedestrians have been killed. Why is the legislature trying to limit local control, and slash funding for these important public safety improvements that benefit all road users?