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HB 588: Hazard Pay for Wildland Firefighters – 2022

Summary: House Bill 588 would qualify state firefighters to receive hazard pay.

ICL's position: Support

Current Bill Status: Law

Issue Areas: Idaho Department of Lands, Public Lands

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House Bill 588 would qualify firefighters for “hazard pay” from the Idaho Department of Lands (IDL) for the dangerous conditions they face fighting fire across the state every summer.

Because federal firefighters already receive increased hazard pay, it is harder for IDL to hire and retain staff in these positions. As a result, it leaves IDL short-staffed every summer, especially with unemployment at historically low levels.

As climate change contributes to longer and increasingly challenging wildfire seasons, it is important that the state is able to fill these positions that help protect our homes, forests and public lands from the negative impacts of fire.