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SB 1276: Establishing a Children’s Walk-Bike Program—2020

Summary: SB 1276 would require the Idaho Transportation Department to establish and maintain walking and biking infrastructure.

ICL's position: Support

Current Bill Status: Tabled by Committee

Issue Areas: Transportation

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Senator Bert Brackett (R-Rogerson) introduced Senate Bill 1276 which would establish a grant program designed to support cohesive walking and biking infrastructure throughout Idaho to keep child safety, public health and efficiency top of mind.

While the bill would establish the fund, it wouldn’t allocate any dollars. Those dollars would come from future grants and/or appropriations from state, federal or other sources.

Currently, the Idaho Transportation Department does not have a plan in place to distribute funding for walking and biking infrastructure when money becomes available. Having a plan would increase government transparency with regard to how projects are identified and selected, and prevents the “sidewalk to nowhere” situation, an obvious waste of public resources.

Implementing a plan for a cohesive sidewalk, crosswalk and other walking/biking infrastructure will create more cohesive networks for human-powered transportation routes in Idaho. Students will have safer and healthier options for getting to school. In addition to benefiting students by providing safe routes to schools, the surrounding communities will reap the benefits of more connected walking and biking paths.