Owyhee Canyonlands

The Idaho Conservation League is proud to be part of the Owyhee Initiative, which worked to resolve wilderness and other land management issues in the spectacular canyonlands and plateaus of southwest Idaho. The Owyhee Initiative includes local ranchers, county officials, conservationists, sportsmen and recreationists. After years of hard work by the Owyhee Initiative, Congress passed legislation for the first new Idaho wilderness areas in more than 29 years.

The 2009 Owyhee Public Lands Management Act achieved the following accomplishments for Idaho and the nation:

  • 517,000 acres designated as new wilderness
  • 316 river miles protected as wild and scenic rivers
  • Regulation and enforcement of illegal off-road vehicle use improved in Owyhee County

View a map of the newly protected wilderness areas and rivers.

Our work isn’t done. Other ICL work in the landscape includes sage-grouse protections, travel planning regulations, and our Owyhee wilderness stewardship program.