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Grand Prize Gulch

This trail offers great views of the surrounding mountain ranges, but it’s a pretty intense hike.   You’ll begin by crossing Pole Creek on a log. After following the mining road, take a left at the first fork. There’s no sign so pay close attention. 2 miles later there will be a trail sign on a tree; take a right when you reach it.

At 3 miles you will reach the high point of the hike at an elevation of 9300 ft. Watch for a sign on a tree that says, “Galena Gulch, Grand Prize Gulch, East Fork Salmon River.” Go south from the sign (walk away from it) and continue about 150 yards to a stream. Cross the stream and walk until you reach a tree with a blaze (nick in the bark) on it.   As you continue on the trail, stay left and near the creek.   This will take you up to the saddle of the mountain.  

From Ketchum, drive 36 miles north on Highway 75 to Pole Creek Road. Take a right on the gravel road and stay right for about 2.5 miles. Drive for another 7 miles and you’ll see the sign for Grand Prize Gulch. Park in the meadow.

Location:  Boulder-White Clouds
Maps:  Sawtooth National Forest, SNRA, Ketchum & Fairfield District


Boulder-White Clouds


8 miles round trip


2,000 ft


Very Difficult


USGS Horton Peak


Proposed Wilderness

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