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Hunter Creek Summit

To the  north, you will see a grassy slope. Walk up this slope in order to find a jeep  road. This road will turn into the trail you need to take.  Be prepared to cross Hunter Creek several  times as you make your way on the trail. Early in the season, the water may be  high and it may be muddy. At about 1 ¾ miles, head northwest up a steep  section of trail to the pass. When you reach the top of the pass you will have  great views of the surrounding mountains. Feel free to explore a little in  order to find the best views.

From Ketchum, drive east on Sun Valley-Trail Creek Road for 20 miles. Turn left when you reach the North Fork Road junction. Drive another 14 miles down this road, and at the end of the road park in a grassy area.

Location: Jerry Peak Wilderness, Boulder-White Clouds
Status:  Designated wilderness
Maps:  Sawtooth National Forest, SNRA, Ketchum & Fairfield District


Boulder-White Clouds


5 miles round trip


1,280 ft


Easy to moderate


USGS Meridian Peak


Proposed Wilderness

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