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Two Mouth Lakes

Unlike many other alpine lakes in the Selkirks, Two Mouth Lakes sit on a relatively flat bench. The two shallow lakes are surrounded by a high mountain meadow that is important wildlife habitat. Caribou, grizzlies and other wildlife have been seen on numerous occasions. The lakes lie within a narrow wildlife migration corridor that links habitat to the north and south along the Selkirk Crest.

The Forest Service asks that you take precautions with your food and camping practices. Because of the fragile nature of the meadow and shorelines, use existing campsites or avoid camping in the area altogether.

There are also good opportunities to gain higher ground and delightful views. Relatively gentle ridges to the north and south make for easy scrambles.

From Bonners Ferry, head west on Riverside Street toward the Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge. When you get to the refuge, bear right on the West Side Road. Go approximately 1.5 miles past the refuge headquarters and turn left onto Myrtle Creek Road. Drive 10 miles and turn right onto Road 658 to the trailhead for Trail 268.

Location: Selkirk Mountains
Status: Proposed Wilderness
Maps: ICL Guide to the Selkirks; Kaniksu National Forest; or Google Maps


Selkirk Mountains


9 miles round trip


1,800 ft




USGS Roman Nose


Proposed Wilderness

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