To this day, decision makers rely on local papers as a gauge for public opinion. Writing a letter to the editor (LTE) in your local paper can influence officials.

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Feel free to use the following outline:

  • State your name, where you live, and what you do.
  • State the reason you are writing.
  • Make 2-3 strong factual points to support your position.
  • State why this issue matters to you.
  • State clearly what you are asking for.
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Example LTE

Idahoans stand at a hugely consequential moment for Idaho’s salmon. What we choose now determines the fate of these magnificent fish, who swim 900 miles to the ocean, and 900 back uphill to their birthplace, to spawn and die. They feed many other animals on land and in the water; they nourish us, and support one of Idaho’s biggest industries, tourism.

But with salmon on the brink of extinction, all this—and more—could be lost. The old path, the status quo, leaves the four lower Snake River Dams intact. Years of scientific evidence show this will soon lead to extinction of remaining salmon species. There's a better way forward. In 2022, we have an opportunity to solve this problem and create a better future for the entire Pacific Northwest. It's time for our elected leaders to work together toward restoring the lower Snake River, replacing the services these dams provide, and make all communities in the region whole.

Idaho's own Rep. Simpson has published his own proposal for how to do this, but other leaders need to step forward. It's time to decide that the four LSRDs must be removed and bring together affected groups to work out how to replace them.

Will we keep flushing away money on overly expensive energy and methods that haven’t saved salmon with what precious time is left? Extinction is forever. It’s now or never.

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