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Speak Up to Protect Idaho from Toxic Algae!

Take action to protect safe waters by telling Idaho's leaders to ensure funding for this important public health issue.

Speak up for Idaho's Wildlife!

Take action with your support in showing decision makers that Idaho's wildlife matters.

Stand Up for Idaho's Fish!

If Northwest leaders don't stand up for wild fish they will go extinct. Send an email to decision-makers today!

Speak Up for Restoring the Snake River!

Demand that local, state, and federal policymakers restore the Snake River so that it is safe, fishable, and swimmable again.

Protect Idaho's waters and wildlife!

Urge decision-makers to protect the Centennial Mountains from the harmful impacts of gold exploration and mining and to keep Kilgore the way it is!

Take Action to Defend Our Public Lands

We need to work together to protect Idaho's public lands and the fish and wildlife that depend on them.

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Unite Against Climate Change

What will you do to combat climate change? Join us, be an advocate and take action for climate in Idaho and beyond.

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