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Dainee Gibson-Webb

Conservation Analyst

Dainee Gibson-Webb grew up on a family farm in rural Virginia, which established her appreciation for the natural world. From looking for white-tailed deer in the soybean fields to bird watching in the cow pastures, her childhood was marked by a desire to understand and preserve the environment.

A family road trip in the Rocky Mountains made her fall in love with this region. After completing her bachelor’s degree in biology and sustainability science at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina, she packed up and moved out west to Pocatello, Idaho, where she obtained a master’s degree from Idaho State University.

Dainee’s research at ISU consisted of using a social-ecological approach to identify conservation opportunities within the Portneuf River watershed. This experience immersed her in the state of Idaho, which she couldn’t bear to leave after graduate school.

At ICL, she will use her analytical skills to support ICL’s conservation programs. Based out of the Boise office, Dainee works with ICL’s climate team to help mitigate climate change in Idaho. She combines her education in sustainability science and conservation biology with her background in agriculture to ensure conservation success in the state.

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