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Josh Johnson

Central Idaho Director

Josh lives in the mountains of Idaho for many of the reasons you love this place – clean air, clean water and beautiful public lands to enjoy. Josh uses his technical background in geology, experience in environmental education, and love for the outdoors to protect those very things that make Idaho a special place to live. His work portfolio includes public lands, mining, air and water quality, and efforts to clean up agricultural pollution in the Snake River.

Josh earned a B.A. in geology at Middlebury College and a M.S. in geology at the University of Colorado. He also worked as an interpretive park ranger in the Tetons and a mentor naturalist at the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies prior to joining ICL’s Ketchum office staff in 2017. Josh now runs the Ketchum field office and manages its activities.

Josh’s favorite hobby, skiing, has turned into an ongoing streak of skiing every month of the year (100 months and counting!). Josh’s favorite place in Idaho? Castle Peak.

Phone: 208.345.6933 x 301

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