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Lana Weber

Community Engagement Manager

Lana is an avid trail user, river runner, and lover of the wild desert. A true Idahoan at heart, she grew up near the foothills of Boise with dirt between her toes and a sprig of rabbitbrush in her pigtails, you can probably find her on a wandering path with her dog, Greta.

Having spent over 15 years in the nonprofit sector with local, national, and start-up groups, today she leads the ICL engagement team in bridging the gap between people, ICL programs, and place through outreach, partnerships, and events. She also works closely with the city of Boise on sustainable community issues, and planning committees, and is a past board member of the Idaho Trails Association.

Lana joined the Idaho Conservation League staff in 2013, and is ICL’s Community Engagement Manager.

Phone: 208.345.6933 x 216

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