What is it about Idaho? The stunning wilderness and thousands of miles of pristine rivers? Endless opportunities for outdoor recreation? Access to clean air, clean water, and unsullied open spaces? As an Idaho-grown group, we rely entirely on the generosity of individuals, businesses, and foundations to do our work. You can show your support for Idaho—and maximize your impact and minimize your tax liability—by donating appreciated stock or making a qualified charitable distribution from your IRA to support ICL’s vital work. Your contribution is an investment in the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the lands and wildlife you hold dear.

Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds

Consider making a lasting impact on Idaho’s natural beauty by contributing appreciated stocks, mutual funds, or bonds to the Idaho Conservation League (ICL). Not only does this method of giving showcase your commitment to preserving our environment, but it may also offer you substantial tax benefits by reducing your capital gains tax burden.

Making a donation of appreciated securities is a straightforward process that directly contributes to ICL’s conservation work. To learn more about this efficient giving method, simply follow the steps below, or contact Development Director, Diana Burrell at dburrell@idahoconservation.org or (208) 345-6933 x 217. 

Step One: Donate stock, bond or mutual funds

Please provide your broker with the following information: Name of Account: Idaho Conservation League, Name of Broker: Charles Schwab, DTC Number: 0164, Account: 6417-2033, Tax ID: 82-6042478

Step Two: Notify us

When your stock, bond or mutual funds are transferred to our account we do not always receive any information that identifies you as the donor. We wish to ensure all gifts are properly received and acknowledged, so please email dburrell@idahoconservation.org or call (208) 345-6933 x 217 with: Your name and address, name of the stock, number of shares

Qualified Charitable Deduction from an IRA

Maximize the impact of your giving by considering a Qualified Charitable Deduction (QCD) from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA). This tax-smart strategy allows you to support the Idaho Conservation League (ICL) and may provide you with valuable tax savings, making your support for Idaho Conservation even more impactful.

Consult with your financial or tax advisor about annual limitations on QCDs to ensure you make the most of this opportunity to make a difference in our environment while managing your tax liabilities.

Making a Qualified Charitable Deduction is a straightforward process that can bring both financial benefits and positive environmental impact. Contact your financial or tax adviser to initiate the process. You’ll need ICL’s tax ID  # 82-6042478

More About ICL

The Idaho Conservation League is Idaho’s leading voice for conservation — for the clean water, clean air and special places that make Idaho’s exceptional quality of life possible. We are a community of people who share these values.

Our work includes protecting our wilderness and public lands. We monitor mining, logging, motorized recreation management and wildlife management to ensure our resources are managed responsibly.

We also work to protect resources and values closer to home. We want to be sure Idaho has clean air and water. ICL serves Idaho’s communities by ensuring that local, state and federal policies protect and enhance the health of our environment and our families. This work includes everything from promoting local and healthy food, to advocating for energy efficiency and conservation at the state and federal level, and providing a voice for conservation at the Idaho Statehouse.