The Issue

Wild Salmon & Steelhead Are Going Extinct

Wild anadromous fish are foundational to our Northwest identity. They sustain our Columbia River Basin ecosystem as keystone species on which 137 different animals depend. They have been integral to indigenous culture and religion for millennia. They are central to our rafting and ecotourism industries. And yet, due to four unnecessary dams, these fish, and everything they stand for, are going extinct. The status quo is not working, and time is running out. We demand bold political leadership to restore ecologically significant, harvestable populations of wild salmon and steelhead to the Snake River Basin.

Join the Youth Salmon Protectors

Do you want to get involved with organizing to breach the 4 Lower Snake River dams, saving wild salmon, and making communities whole? Join us today for volunteer opportunities, weekly meetings, and environmental conservation experiences.

Solutions Together

Rep. Simpson's Proposal

In 2021 U.S. Congressman Mike Simpson’s proposal created a path forward for the Northwest and kickstarted conversations across the region. The proposal was bold, comprehensive, and urgently needed for Idahoans and salmon. Since then, as the grassroots movement grows to save salmon from extinction, so does the idea to remove the 4 lower Snake River dams and protect integral river ecosystems for people and species alike. 

Youth Salmon Protectors stand with a banner in front of a dam built from cardboard boxes on the Idaho State Capitol steps.
Youth Salmon Protectors at the Red Road to DC stop at Chief Timothy State Park in Clarkston, WA
Youth Salmon Protectors take part in the Rally for the River flotilla on the Boise River
Youth Salmon Protectors write "Free the Snake" on a Prius at the Clearwater Casino in Lewiston, ID
Youth Salmon Protectors hold a banner reading "Save Wild Salmon Breach the Dams Free the Snake" in McCall, ID
Youth Salmon Protectors paint yard signs supporting dam breaching in Camel's Back Park in Boise, ID
Youth Salmon Protectors meet with Lindsay Nothern at Senator Mike Crapo's office in Boise, ID
Youth Salmon Protectors rally in Julia Davis Park ahead of a meeting with Senator Mike Crapo's staff in Boise, ID
Youth Salmon Protectors hold a banner on the Curtis Rd Freeway Overpass in Boise, ID
Congressman Mike Simpson speaks to Youth Salmon Protectors at Boise High School
Youth Salmon Protectors hang a banner reading "Breach Dams Save Salmon" at the Vista Overpass
Youth Salmon Protectors deliver postcards to Senator Jim RIsch's Office

Connect With Us

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What We're Up To

Boise High Students Pay Gov. Little a Visit

We presented at the "We Are Brave" summit and delivered over 700 postcards from all over Idaho asking Gov. Little to Free the Snake

Camping Trip at Lower Granite Dam

We didn't see any salmon, but we did see a lot of misinformation at the BPA office. It's time to remove these dams!

International Day of Action for Rivers

Banner drops in Portland (pictured), Vancouver, Bend, Boise, Pocatello, and Walla Walla.

Salmon Tag at Woodstock Elementary

Students at Woodstock School in Portland learned about Snake River salmon and wrote postcards to Sen. Merkley and President Biden.

Yoga For Good

We raised over $300 to save the salmon and got our morning workout in at Payette Brewing in Boise

Trivia Night at Lost Grove

Boise State folks educated and organized everyone at Lost Grove Brewing to write a postcard to save the salmon!

Swifties for Salmon Night

Taylor Swift karaoke was a blast while we made sheet banners and art to share with our community. Taytay would be proud.

December 10th Banner Drop

We are calling on Gov. Little and Sen. Crapo to take action to honor indigenous treaties and free the Lower Snake River.

Week of Action Postcard Delivery

We delivered nearly 300 postcards to Idaho's elected officials from our Week of Action postcard writing day.

Eastlake High Postcard Drive

Students in Sammamish, WA wrote over 100 postcards asking Sen. Murray to take decisive action and save Snake River salmon and Puget Sound orcas.

December Week of Action

The week of action with the Snake River Savers is over, but you can still participate in many of the actions we organized!

Fabric Patch Making at Roots

We invited the community to get creative with us! These pieces will be added to a giant banner in conjunction with One Stone School.

30th Anniversary of ESA Listing

To commemorate the listing of Sockeye salmon on the ESL, youth organized demonstrations across the Northwest.

Visit to Lowell Elementary

We presented to 6th graders at Lowell Elementary to talk about Simpson's plan, write postcards, and play salmon tag.