ICL Storytelling Kits

As part of our work to save salmon and steelhead, ICL is embarking on a storytelling project to collect fish tales of all kinds – and we need your stories  about your relationship with Idaho’s iconic fish species!

We created two different options for you to share your story – Storytelling Party Kits and One-on-One Interviews. How fun would it be to throw a storytelling party? Or maybe you’d like to interview someone you know who has a great story to tell.  The Storytelling Party Kit includes both options, so  download a kit now. The instructions on how to conduct one-on-one interviews about Idaho fish are included on the back of the kit.  We will also mail out pre-made storytelling kits to interested parties which will include some additional goodies (email Dagny if you are interested in this option).

If you are interested in checking out other people’s Idaho fish stories you can  follow this link to ICL’s community page, “Stories of Idaho’s Fish,”  in the StoryCorps Archives.  Although storytellers can opt out of their stories being publicly available, all of the stories submitted will be permanently recorded into the Library of Congress, making sure our stories of Idaho’s fish will be remembered forever. You can keep an eye out for yours!

Steps to Our Preliminary Story Collection Goal

Our story collection project will be ongoing and we have a lofty goal. In order to give this project a proper launch, we would like to reach 200 stories by April 1, 2019, and hit 300 stories by May 1, 2019.  These are  big numbers, but we know that we have Idaho behind us.  We need your help in making this salmon and steelhead outreach a success –  and hey, it’s a pretty fun way to do it!

Participating is easy:

  • Download our Salmon and Steelhead Storytelling Kit & the StoryCorps app  on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Pick out someone from your life who has a memory about Idaho’s fish, especially salmon or steelhead.
  • Find a 30-minute block of time within the next two weeks and put it on your schedule.
  • Record a fun, short interview!
  • Encourage your friends, neighbors, children, and family to do the same!

Help us blow our goal out of the water (while we keep the fish in it!).

If you would like ICL to mail you a storytelling kit in order to help us gather Idaho fish stories please drop us an email. Questions, apprehensions or comments about helping ICL gather Idaho fish stories can also be directed to this email address.